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About Us

My name is Cliff and I have been running these tours since 2014.
I started doing this because I genuinely enjoyed the unique history and social climate that has allowed Berlin to become the leader in Germany for Craft Brewing. As a hobby brewer I love introducing people to the wide world of styles that beer has to offer.
Unfortunately, most people visiting this wonderful city tend to drink the local manufactured swill and think it enough. If you’re one of the people who crave more and expect better then I hope you’ll join me and see what lies beyond the corporate mafia brews to what Berlin and its beer truly represent.
– Clifton Kinchen

cliff, founder of berlin craft beer experience

Our Partners

We only partner with other experience providers who are as committed to offering premium, authentic experiences as we are. Following is a selection of hand picked tour operators around Europe and the world who we consider to operate by the same principles and values as us.

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Berlin Experiences

Few cities captivate the interest and imaginations of visitors as much as Berlin, fewer still hold such an important place in modern history. As a travel destination, this city never disappoints.

Offering a range of premium historic private guided tours,  Berlin Experiences is the ideal way to find you feet in the city, or delve deeper into familiar territory. Whether you are looking to break the surface with guided sightseeing or a more in-depth historical walking tour, the Berlin Experiences team endeavour to provide everything necessary to make your visit to Berlin memorable for all the right reasons.